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You signed up for that brutal early morning HIIT work out, but it’s Monday morning, you’ve had a heavy weekend and you’ve hit the snooze button and slept straight through. Girl, what are you doing? Don’t you know Summer is fast approaching? It’s time for some motivation. Check out ten Insta babes who have a body worth squatting for!


Amanda Finnie is the Queen of abs. We’re setting one of her Instas as our screensavers and doing 100 crunches as we speak. .


If you want some quick booty gains for that bikini around the pool side, then @gracefituk is the girl to snap your legs into shape. A Gymshark ambassador, vlogger and vegan, she gives us some serious ab and quad goals.


We can’t get enough of @whitneyysimmons. Another Gymshark family member, this fitspo is one you need to your Pinterest board. With handy and easy workout tutorials from beginners to advanced, you’ll be catching us in the weights section.


If you’re seeking inspo for clean eating, then Alice Liveing is the Insta girl you need to follow. From breakfast to dinner, this fitspo will have you eating clean and healthy in no time.


Tough Essex PT has some seriously BRUTAL workouts. We can’t help but applaud her amazing transformation.


Some reality for us all. Fitness Influencer Chessie King is REAL – honest and hilarious. From travelling across the globe, to candid posts and at home workouts with no equipment required, Chessie is a fitness fave.


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