How To Get Through The Blue Monday Blues


The 18th of January is officially the most depressing day of the year and is affectionately known as Blue Monday. It’s cold, dark, you’re back at work and all of the festive fun is over (you’re probably skint as well if you’re anything like us and love a boxing day sale). We’ve rounded up 5 easy ways to boost your mood and keep you feeling.

1. Wear something colourful


Colours are a huge mood booster. Wearing the right colour can make you look more radiant as people reflect and absorb different colours due to their biological makeup. Wearing a colour adjacent to your face reflects its wavelength onto you and can make your eyes and hair ‘pop’. Meaning a good outfit can beat those Blue Monday blues. Shop our latest clothing edit with 50% off and put a smile on that face. 

2. Indulge in essential oils 

When inhaled, essential oils travel up your nose to your brain and interact with your limbic system which is the part of your brain responsible for emotions, memory and behaviour. They help provide a natural lift to your spirits, plus they’ll have you smelling nice all day long.

3. Exercise 

Go and work out. Yes we know you don’t want to. Yes we know it was your new year’s resolution that you gave up on 3 days in. Yes we know it’s dark and cold and you don’t want to get out of bed. We don’t care. Dance, skip, hula hoop, challenge your little brother to see who can run up the stairs the most times but just get tht blood pumping. The endorphins your body releases are a natural mood booster so start your day with a workout then smash the day! Exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise is by far our favourite, check out our NEW IN style ROLLER-GIRL for some fitness fun.

4. Pick Up A New Project 

You perfected banana bread in lockdown and also did enough colouring in to plaster the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (no? just us then…). Time to kick your brain into gear and get learning that new skill. Pick something that gives you a mindful moment away from scrolling and channels your creativity.

5. Go To Bed Early 

Going to bed early on the Sunday night is something your body will thank you for. Try and stay away from blue light and take a bubble bath. You can use your essential oils here too, and you’ll be well-rested for that early morning gym session


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