How To Organise Your Wardrobe

January blues hey? Who wants them? Not us, that’s for sure. Here at EGO we are ready for a therapeutic declutter and a calming clear-out. Our wardrobes are rammed to the brim with precious pieces but there is nothing better than a fresh start to ensure a winning wardrobe for the year ahead. 

We say, out with the old, in with the new so seize the day and use EGO’s January declutter rules to reset your wardrobe from top to bottom. We’re going to show you just how easy it is to reset your style with a few simple wardrobe edits. Marie Kondo – the Japanese queen of decluttering – says you must only keep the pieces you love most, so we’re gonna  show you how to ensure those pieces give you maximum joy for the year ahead. 

From messy to minimalist

Start by carefully reviewing what is in your existing wardrobe. Slow and steady wins the race, so tackle this task section by section.  Get everything out, and ask yourself ‘what do I love?’, ‘what still fits?’, ‘were the hot pink fishnet stockings a good idea? and ‘what serves a positive purpose?’If you haven’t worn it in the last 12 months then you must question its relevance. We all tried to channel Megan Thee Stallion in thigh high pink boots but, seriously, it’s time to move on girl. 


The LBD isn’t famous for nothin’

Now you’ve cleared the clutter it’s time to start afresh and make sure you have a wardrobe full of truly useful yet beautiful pieces; ‘fits that suit a multitude of occasions so your cost per wear diminishes every time you step into them.

The roots of the LBD  (Little Black Dress)  began in 1926 when Vogue published a drawing of a simple black dress from designer Chanel. If Chanel says it then we know we’re in good hands! Here at EGO our selection of LBDs is unrivalled so if your post-clearout wardrobe hasn’t got an LBD amongst its treasures then what are you waiting for?

We are living for Bardot Mini Dress with Bow Detail because it’s an effortless way to slay when you just want simple and sleek. This dress hugs your curves  in all the right places and the oversized bow gives a nod to recent looks from the runways.  In keeping with the classic vibes of the dress you could add the Faux Leather Strappy Eve Heels in black – not too high so the look is still artfully demure and preppy, but high enough to make your legs look like they go on forever. 

If your black dress choice needs to be more boss bitch than classic chic then opt for the Long Sleeve Embellished Blazer Dress. It is suitably edgy with its crucifix additions and will go on forever in your freshly audited wardrobe because this tailored style will never be out of fashion. We would pair it with black boots like the ‘I Am The One’ Padlock Detailed Boots – maximum kick-ass height yet the wedge heel means you can dance for hours. You wanna dance, right? That’s what the LBD was invented for, after all.

blonde lady wearing strappy black mini dress

Black Dress with Strappy Lace-up Front Detail


We don’t what’s tighter, our jeans or our friendships

Jeans are a wardrobe staple. Of course they are. Here at EGO we stand by the Andy Warhol mantra: “I want to die with my blue jeans on.” Well, we don’t want to die when there’s dancing to be done, but we do know a good pair of jeans when we see one. Or several. At EGO the jeans range is so large we have trouble deciding where to start but a great way to ensure that your newly refreshed wardrobe is up to the mark is these 90’s Style Low Rise Blue Jeans. A nod to the ‘90s is always a winner and when worn with the J’adore Slogan Tank Top you have outfit heaven right there. 

Jeans are literally the building blocks of a freshly decluttered wardrobe. When thinking about how to organise your wardrobe jeans are a true wardrobe-builder. They go with everything from tees to tanks, coats to cardigans  and much between. If 90s revival is not your style then you’d do well to consider adding these High Waisted Cargo Jeans in brown acid wash to your selection of new year ‘fits. They are so flattering due to their on-trend high waist and cargo pocket detail. Utility style looks super smart for the year ahead and this combat trend is going nowhere so you’ll get a variety of looks from just this one staple. 

rear view of jeans with light wash and 2 pockets

Low Rise Wide Leg 90s Denim Jeans Blue

Wardrobe wizadry

Here at EGO we know that the wardrobe struggle is real. So many pieces, so little time. But we’re here to help you make order from chaos. With just a skillful edit and the addition of a few key pieces like an LBD or trend-led pair of jeans you’ll have everything you need to take you into a new year of fashionable ‘fits.

Lucy Smith
Lucy Smith

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