How to Play the Traitors at Home

Here at EGO, we know a thing or two about slaying, even in the more sinister sense, and we’re massive fans of BBC’s ‘The Traitors.’ So if you’re looking for a thrilling and mysterious game night to celebrate the upcoming series,  we’ve got all the details you need to enjoy ‘The Traitors’ experience from your dining table! Now, you might struggle to tactically keep a relationship secret if you’re playing with your besties but there’s nothing stopping you from leaving a ‘parting gift’ before you’re banished from the castle – or your mate’s uni accommodation.

So let us be your turtle neck-donning, eye-makeup-wearing guide on how to play the Traitors at home for an exciting night of murder, laughs and mischief. Light your candles and pour yourself a generous drink – who knows, it might be your last!

Play the Traitors at home

Sip from the poison chalice

The first step is to decide the fate of each of the players. Will they play out the game as a vulnerable Faithful, or will they fool their friends as a deceptive Traitor? After all, we’ve all got ‘friends’ capable of that, am I right girls?

Cut up a piece of paper and label each piece with either ‘Traitor’ or ‘Faithful’ – if you want to keep the game extra spicy, we recommend making around a third of your players Traitors. Fold up each piece of paper before putting it into a bowl. Each player should now pick a piece and discreetly uncover whether it is them who must drink from the poison chalice (or prosecco flute) and play as a Traitor.

First kill

When the clock strikes midnight, it is time for the Traitors to unveil themselves to one another and plan their very first kill. OOO-ooo-OOO-ooo, spooky! For this step, everyone should tightly close their eyes (no cheating!) and on the count of three, each of the Traitors will look around to discover who their accomplices are. 

With one minute on the timer, they will then quietly point towards the player they each believe should receive their ‘Death Warrant’ – this can be a written letter announcing a player’s death, prepared before the game, or any household object which you can place in front of someone to indicate their murder. Once the Traitors have agreed on a victim, they should place the Death Warrant before them, close their eyes and wait for the timer to sound. 

*Screams* If you’re the unlucky victim, RIP girl. Go and get yourself a drink and get the party started in heaven, or hell if that’s more your scene. 

Gather at the round table

It’s time for the Faithfuls to fight back and banish a potential traitor. So whether you haven’t got a clue or you’re ready to recite Maddie’s ‘faithful, faithful, not sure, traitor’ speech, cast your vote and catch a Traitor. 

When you play traitors at home, this is where it gets really interesting! Which of your besties can be trusted? Traitors, will you work as a team? Or will you be stabbing one of your fellow murderers in the back with a knife as sharp as Winkleman’s iconic fringe to get the Faithfuls back onside? 

Before the person who receives the most votes is well and truly banished, they must reveal to the rest of the players their true identity as either an innocent Faithful or a scorned Traitor. 

Let the killing and banishing continue until you’re down to just three players. 

The final banishing

With just three players left, this is your final opportunity to smoke out a Traitor, so play wisely. If you’re confident that you’re in a Traitor-free zone, you can each agree to end the game here and reveal yourselves. But if you’re not sure, take this opportunity to get rid of one more player. 

Whether you’re left with two or three players, it’s time to share with the group whether you’re a Faithful or a Traitor. If there are no Traitors in sight, congratulations Faithfuls! You survived the game and eliminated all those back-stabbing biatches. But if a Traitor has infiltrated the final safe zone, they have well and truly slayed the competition and are the winners!

Get to playing The Traitors from home now!

Now that you’re all clued in on how to play The Traitors from home, what are you waiting for? Get your cloaks out and gather your girls around the kitchen table for the most real test of friendship of all! 

If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a shout, girl! Contact us today and our team will be more than happy to help you out. Or if you need any more inspo for fun things to do with the girlies, have a look at our blog to keep the good times going.

Lucy Smith
Lucy Smith

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