5 Must-Try Eye Makeup Ideas that Anyone Can Recreate 

It’s official, summer 2021 is happening! We’re finally going to be back with our besties, living our best lives in just a few months! Now we don’t know about you, but we can’t WAIT to get planning our cute AF outfits for each and every little thing we can finally do! There’s no better way to finish off your ‘fit than with a statement eye makeup look to make them stare.

What better way to fill your time these next few months than by perfecting your eye makeup skills ready for your post-lockdown looks?

Whether you’re searching for a new look to try or are just starting out in the world of makeup, we’ve listed our top must-try eye makeup ideas that anyone can recreate.

1. Feline Eyeliner

A selfie of Kylie Jenner sporting a feline eye makeup look

Source: @kyliejenner

The cat eye is back in a BIG way this year. Kendall and Kylie are both huge fans of a feline flick or two! If you’re feeling fierce you can go all out with a thick, black eyeliner flick or if you’re looking for a more subtle natural looking makeup look, you can opt for a light brown eyeliner like Kylie.

Check out Kylie’e very own tutorial here

2. Smokey Eye

A Chanel model with a smokey eye makeup

Source: @chanel.beauty

Everyone’s throwback fave, the smokey eye is making a comeback in 2021. Think effortlessly chic cool girl with an edge. After years of failed teenage attempts at mastering the look, it’s time to finally master the smokey eye. 

If you’re looking to master the smokey eye look, check out Emily DiDonato’s tutorial here

3. Under Eye Sparkle

Image of model showing under eye sparkle makeup look

Source: @covergirl

Now this is the kind of extra AF energy we expect to channel for the WHOLE of 2021. After almost a year of no socialising, we deserve to wear ALL the sparkles. 

Check out the tutorial here

4. Thick Black Eyeliner

Model showing thick back eyeliner look

Source: @diormakeup

All your emo memories are back to haunt you… but trust us you can rock the thick eyeliner look without the crazy side fringe. It’s time to make thick eyeliner cool again. Considering how much mask wearing we’re doing at the moment, you can’t blame us for wanting to make our eyes pop.

5. Graphic Lines

Model showing graphic eyeliner look

Source: @jennakristina

The graphic line eye makeup look has slowly but surely been taking over our instagram feeds the past couple of months! It’s like Twiggy’s trademark look, but with a twist.

Fancy giving graphic liner a go? Why not check out this easy tutorial 


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