New Year's Resolutions That Every Girl Should Make

Rather than settling for the standard resolutions of exercising and eating well, we’ve dug a little deeper and pulled together our list of New Year’s Resolutions That Every Girl Should Make to ensure that they’re their best self and that 2020 is the best year yet!

1.Take More Time For Yourself

Health is wealth ladies and just adding an extra half an hour into your day to take a bath, do a face mask or just sit back and relax is so important. It can be so easy to get caught up in everyday life and tire yourself out so make sure you take that much needed you time, you deserve it sis!


  1. 2. Learn Something New

Learning a new skill or perfecting a new hobbie is so rewarding, whether it’s learning a language or cooking your favourite dish get out there and go for it girl!

3. Make Time For Those Who Count, Ditch The Ones That Don’t

We all know that as you get older your pool of friends may begin to shrink, but the ones you keep close will be there for life. It can be hard to cut the Negative Nellie's out, but we guarantee that it'll be the best thing you do. And then you can make more time for the people who mean the most.


4. Visit A New Place

Adventure feeds the soul, get yourself on Sky Scanner this year and go and tick somewhere off the bucket list! Explore, relax and marvel at beautiful things.


5. Do Something That Scares You

Whether it’s going for that new job, asking out that boy, going on that solo travelling trip you’ve always dreamed of, you can do it girl! Push yourself out of your comfort zone and make those plans that are going to pay off. You can’t grow stood still!


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