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It’s prom season, and even though we’re all for girls supporting girls – we also have that little bit of determination to be the girl who was the best dressed at prom. You’ve got the dress and the accessories, but you’re wanting the shoes that will get you that Cinderella Story head turning moment, yes? Well we’ve picked some of the best shoes that will have heads turning for sure at your prom.


Step out and make a clear statement with our Bello heels. Whether your dressing down a floral cute lace prom dress, or wanting to sass up a simple prom dress, these will have jaws dropping as you strut into that prom hall!


Our bestselling Kaia’s are back and better in metallics just in time for prom season. We’re sticking a middle finger up to prom kings and a prom date cause all we need for our prom is the right pair of shoes.


Block heels are a staple for comfort, but they don’t have to be boring! Spruce up your prom shoes with a little bit of faux fur, and yes, before you ask – you can wear faux fur in the Summer. There’s only one chance at prom, so you might as well do it in some head turning shoes.


Go nude for prom, well not literally. These shoes scream ‘less is more’ with a clear perspex strap and block heel. These are perfect if you’re wanting to go minimal on accessories and let your prom dress do all of the talking.


And it’s not just Cinderella that can get away with wearing glass slippers. These perspex heels in a classic court shape are going to have all the princes finding you. And you can stay til past midnight.


Every prom queen needs her jewels. Double Diamante strap Lyla is perfect for any style queen wanting to reclaim her throne. Go get that sash and tiara.


Mitchie is perfect for those Prom Queens who want to be remembered for having the best shoes, which is everyone, right? If you’re going for a simplistic gown, then sass your outfit up and go for a statement feather heel, Mitchie.

If you’re still wanting some prom queen inspo, then make sure you drop by our Prom Shop


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