6 Vegan Lunch Ideas to Beat Breaktime Boredom

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Fed up of bleak, unappetising lunches? Girl, same! Say goodbye to boring sandwiches and soggy salads, because we’ve been doing a little research and have found some of the BEST and tastiest vegan lunch ideas like, ever! 

Fancy making yourself a delicious (and potentially instagrammable, dependant on your culinary skills) lunch AND making your colleagues stare and drool in envy? Well then, we’ve got just the recipes for you!

Keep on scrolling because we’ve listed our favourite vegan lunch ideas to give you some major food inspo that’ll make ALL your colleagues jel.

Bulgur Salad

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Perfect for summer months, bulgur salads are a fresh, tasty vegan salad and the best part? They’re super quick and easy to make! If you’re a fan of tangy citrus tastes, you’ll love bulgur salads!

Head over to BBC Good Food for the recipe, we promise you’re gonna love it! Click here to see the recipe

Vegetable Potato Fritters

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Quick, easy, delicious and vegan? We’re sold! Enjoy them with a side salad for a healthy and nutritious lunch or as a quick afternoon snack!

Top tip: They taste even better with hot sauce, more specifically, Sriracha Mayonnaise!

Check out the recipe here

Veggie Olive Wraps with Mustard Vinaigrette

Source: BBC Good Food

If you’re not a fan of olives, you might as well keep scrolling! If you are, on the other hand, you’re going to love this recipe!

The best part of this recipe? Well, beyond how tasty it is! If you make them right, the rainbow colours make for a cute AF instagrammable lunch shot!

Get the full recipe here

Sesame Parsnip & Wild Rice Tabbouleh

Source: BBC Good Food

Get a head start on your 5 a day with this parsnip & wild rice tabbouleh. Oozing flavour, this dish is guaranteed to become a staple in your weekly meal prep.

Get the full recipe here

Falafel Wraps

Source: @theminimalistvegan.com

If you’re falafel obsessed, this quick and easy lunch recipe is perfect for you! 

There’s really nothing better than a fresh, crunchy falafel wrap that’s full of flavoursome veggies! Ideal for a warm weather lunch, falafel wraps are so quick and easy to make.

Get the full recipe here

Vegan Kebabs with Avocado Dressing

Source: BBC Good Food

If you like your lunches to feel a lil exciting and different, while still sticking to a healthy diet, then these vegan kebabs were made for you! The best part? If there’s a vegetable on there that isn’t exactly your favourite, just skip it! Pile all your fave vegetables on a skewer, the more creative, the better!

Check out the full recipe here

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