What Is A Bodycon Dress And Why Do Stars Love Them

A bodycon dress, or body conscious dress (which is its full, but rarely ever used, name) is a popular style of dress that in its element is designed to show off your curves. Its figure hugging fabric and seductive stretch is are two of the reasons they’re so popular with celebrities (and pretty much everyone else).


A bodycon dress can often be confused with a bandage dress but a bandage dress is made of one specific material and provides shaping and contouring of the body whereas a body con dress will merely trace your curves rather than create them. Bodycon dresses are a fashion trend that spans eras and can be worn by any shape or size. All you need is the right attitude. And of course, the proper accessories help too. The ultimate goal of bodycon clothing is for you to look and feel amazing so you can radiate confidence in any situation, and our bodycon pieces from the Stassie collection help do just that. Checkout our Instagram if you need a little more styling inspo.






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