What to wear in spring

As lovely as spring can be, it’s a tricky time trying to pick what to wear in April because of the ever-changing weather conditions. Throughout winter, your outfits essentially picked themselves as you layered up with warm, comfortable clothing. However, now that temperatures have started to rise, the sun is shining and flowers are blooming, you’re tempted to get out the skirts and mini dresses. But spring can be misleading at times. If you’re struggling to figure out what to wear in spring, continue reading our helpful guide.

Basics when choosing what to wear in spring

The key to a good spring wardrobe is to get the basics right. If you have a wardrobe full of essentials, you can easily mix and match them to create stylish outfits throughout spring, and even into the summer.

The basics of a spring wardrobe include comfortable t-shirts, light jackets, trousers and cropped pants, and white trainers.

Jackets are essential clothing for spring because, even though temperatures are higher than they were during the winter, they’re still not quite warm enough to just go with a t-shirt. Something like this Button Front Jacket in black is the type of thing you should be looking out for.

If that’s not quite your look, or you’d prefer something slightly thicker and warmer, then consider this Longline Padded Gilet in nude. This stylish gilet, which provides great warmth and coverage in cooler temperatures looks great, feels fantastic and is easy to pair with other spring basics to style.

Pairing these items of clothing with a durable pair of white trainers can make all of your outfits look great throughout spring. You can even layer up by adding little touches to your outfit, like thick socks over a pair of leggings, as well as your trainers.

The great thing about spring is that the weather allows you the freedom to express yourself by bringing in several items of clothing, as well as accessories, to create a look unique to you.

Adapting outfits from winter into spring

After many months of snuggling up into a heavy coat, with a scarf and gloves, it’s likely that you’re unsure of what to actually wear now that the temperatures are improving. It can be hard at times to transition from one season into another, especially when it involves ignoring a lot of items of clothing that you’ve relied on for such a long time.

Adapting to the new season involves changing the type of material you wear. So, instead of wearing thick materials like wool, wear a denim jacket or suede coat, and swap a turtleneck jumper for a button down shirt.

Quick and easy looks for spring

There are a few quick and easy looks you can use throughout spring with the essential basics from your wardrobe. Women’s clothing features a massive variety of clothes, so try out these looks for yourself:

  • Double denim – this used to be off limits, but has become more trendy as time has gone by. 
  • Off the shoulder shirt and jeans – a great, easy look. A feminine off the shoulder shirt is easy to pair with jeans and adds a fabulous touch to any outfit.
  • Cropped jeans and mule heels – the perfect pairing for spring. The jeans keep your legs warm in cooler temperatures, but the cropped nature shows off your ankles, amplifying your footwear.
  • Sweater and midi skirt – a skirt to show off your figure and feel the warm spring air, but a sweater to keep you cool if temperatures do drop slightly. An easy look to master when wondering what to wear in April.

Spring outfits at EGO

At EGO, we stay current with the fashion world and keep up with the latest trends. When deciding on what to wear in spring, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for with us.

Not only do we sell dresses for women, we also sell a wide collection of footwear, like lace up heels, block heels, flats, trainers, sliders and more. Whatever you’re looking for, EGO can help you create the perfect outfit.

If you require any more assistance, or would like to speak to our team about the latest fashion trends, do not hesitate to contact us.


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