What To Wear to a Hen Party

It’s happening! The invites have landed and you and your gals are going on a hen-do. The epitome of fun and frivolity, the hen party is like all your very best nights out but amped up to the max. All the girls together, even some of the aunties and mums, making a special day for the giddy and nervous bride-to-be. What could be better than this? 

The only question is the age old wardrobe conundrum, what to wear at a hen party? If you’re in charge of planning the ‘do’ – and if you’re here then we hope that you are – then this is the perfect opportunity to plan a theme and all the activities associated. Your best gal only gets married once – well that’s the theory ! – so you’re going to need all the hen-do outfit ideas to match the potential themes and activities. Don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted with our run-down of the very best hen party outfit ideas. Let’s get started….bridezilla won’t wait!

Full on glam for a big night out

Get your girl gang ready, you’re going out for a night to remember before the bestie heads to the altar and somebody finally makes an honest woman of her. You’re all going out and you intend to paint the town red. Or perhaps pink? Maybe blue! Whichever hue you choose you are going to own it, so let’s get you ready to coordinate your group in head to toe glamour and glitz.

It will be all ‘white’ on the night if you all wear the most bridal of shades. You can’t wear white at her wedding – that’s still a big no no – but you can make the theme of the hen party ‘white party’ in honour of the impending nuptials. 

EGO has an amazing selection of white dresses so there’s one to suit every body type and taste in your crew. For the bride herself you might want to recommend the jaw-dropping simplicity of the J-Adore Mini Dress. It’s a statement piece, and let’s everyone know that she is the focus of attention – you all adore her right? That’s why you’re here after all.

For you and your crew we think any of EGO’s collection of white dresses will work fabulously when thinking about what to wear for a hen party. But how about the Long Sleeve Contrast Panel Bodycon Dress for you? It’s fabulously flattering, pulls no punches and with its stretchy mesh panels you’ll be comfortable all day – just right for the queen bee who has to organise all the final details! 

blonde lady wearing a white corset detail fold over mini dress

Corset Detail Fold Over Top Mini Dress


The slumber party to end all slumber parties

Never let it be said that you don’t go all in when organising the hen-do of the year. The bride has spoken and she doesn’t want too much fuss and frivolity  – she’s a down to earth girl at heart – and she’s not keen on going out on the town. She would prefer something simple, at home, where all the girls can get together and have a good gossip and chill. 


But, she doesn’t want it to feel low-key, oh no, she still wants all the trimmings; the banners, the balloons, the games, the dancing AND the shenanigans. So the recipe for the evening will be; comfort, but keep it glam! Here at EGO, we are the experts at comfortable glamour and we’d highly recommend keeping it coordinated – you need the photos for insta, after all- and starting with some relaxed joggers and matching sweat tops.


EGO’s loungewear selection is unsurpassed and the hoodies & joggers  section has it all from soft-as-a-kitten hoodies to slouchy, low rise cuffed joggers, For a hen-do coordination is king so why not advise all the girls to arrive wearing the Oversized Wide Leg Joggers paired with the matching Long Sleeve Zip Through Hoodie. This combo is sure to be safe territory for all invitees and will give the matchy matchy look you are looking to achieve.


If the mums and aunties are a little more cautious about covering lumps and bumps then you might switch out the cropped hoodie and substitute with the longer line of the Oversized Hoodie in Stone which effortlessly covers the bum and tum. Don’t worry though, coordination will still be the name of the game because the stone hue of the hoodie makes an excellent match – just like the bride & groom ! – with the buttery tones of the Oversized Wide Leg Joggers


When everyone has arrived, the drinks are in hand and the party is in full swing then you might want to hand round the hen-do essential – slippers. At EGO, slippers are a full time job because we LIVE for comfort. We cannot recommend the Open Toe Fluffy Slider enough when thinking about hen-do outfit ideas because it provides the ultimate in fluffy comfort when you’re all chilling together discussing what to wear for the impending big day. 


brunette lady wearing oversized tracksuit with cross detail

Cross Patch Oversized Hoodie


The city break to top them all

We hear you. Not only is bridezilla being demanding about the wedding day itself, the hen party brief is hotting up too. She doesn’t want out-on-the-town glam, she feels staying at home is just too low-key for your gang and she’s always been the outdoorsy type. So, what better way to celebrate than a day of exploring a new city. Pick somewhere you’ve never been to before or pull destinations out of a hat to create a shortlist. Call it a drinking game? 


We’ve got London, Manchester, Liverpool and more here in the UK. All great cities, brimming with culture, restaurants, bars and hence perfect for a hen party.  Once there, fill your days with activities, good food and, of course, a few drinks.


But what about hen-do outfit ideas? When you’re in a group, ambling around a city there’s a lot to explore, but the feet can get tired and oh boy do the tender toes make the evening’s dancing tricky! You’re in luck because EGO feels your pain and so the chunky boots section comes highly recommended. Comfortable and stylish.  For the bride the Knit Detail Knee Length Boot checks all the keeping-it-shades-of-white boxes. They are cream (not quite white, but easier to care for) chunky, flatteringly leg-lengthening and with their block heel sole they will take her from brunch to bar with ease. 


The hens could also snag a few pairs of chunky boots to stroll around in. If we’re keeping to the bridal mantra of ‘there’s no better shade than white’ then the Chunky Soled Boots in Cream Faux Leather are to die for. All the classic appeal and practicality of the chunky sole married with (see what we did there?) eye-popping rivet details and buckles for days. 


Outfits, though? Hen-do outfit ideas are not easy when strolling around a city because everyone has their own idea of what is practical and comfortable. Don’t want to be too hot? Then a legging with moisture-wicking properties comes high on the list. The Super Stretch Legging in black are a hen’s best friend because they mould in all the right places and move with you as you take in all the city sights.


Don’t want to be too cold? We hear you. It’s no fun ambling around a new city hen-party style but freezing your feathers off because the temperatures in your chosen city are below zero. What could be better than a Scoop Neck Jumpsuit? It will keep you toasty as you mooch about amongst all the tourist spots, stopping for a coffee here and there. 


Speaking of hot drinks, as the hen-party organiser a l’extraordinaire, you could gift all the ‘chicks’ an oversized cup in palest pink as a hen souvenir.. Then you can ‘cheers’ the bride on regular occasions throughout your trip and keep hydrated, to boot!


Hen party prep ends here

At EGO you’ve really got no hen stress. We’ve got all your hen-do outfit ideas covered. From outfits to accessories we are a one-stop hen-do shop.

Lucy Smith
Lucy Smith

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