The Winter Love Island Drinking Game

It's Friday night and instead of hitting the town with the girls, you're inviting them round yours to watch everyone’s fave TV show - Love Island. We know hun because we're doing the exact same. The Winter edition of Love Island is starting this Sunday 12th January and what could get you girl gang in the mood more than lining up shots and playing a drinking game? Girl we gotchu. Pop the prosecco, follow our Love Island Drinking Game rules and you'll be merry before you know it. Happy drinking!


#1 Take a Shot Everytime Someone Says 'I’ve got a text!'

It won't take you long to get tipsy on this one gal.

#2 Top Up Your Drink Every Time Someone Couples Up

We are HERE for some romance this season!

#3 Drink Every Time Someone Goes For A Chat

We know there’s gonna be some deep chats this season, get the prosecco at the ready!

#4 Top Up Your Glass Every Time Someone Says ‘crack on’ 

We know the islanders are gonna be making some moves!

#5 Nominate One Of Your Gals To Down Their Drink Every Time Someone Jumps In The Pool 


Whether it’s the salmon or just a belly flop, make sure one of your gals gets her drink down her every time someone jumps in the pool.

#6 Swap Drinks With Someone Every Time Someone Starts Crushing

Everyone’s gonna be bringing their A game tonight and hoping to impress, swap drinks with you bestie everytime a hottie catches someone’s eye!

#7 Drink 3 Fingers When There’s A Challenge

We just know there’s going to be some embarrassing challenges to break the ice and we’re ready for them!

#8 Have A Shot Every Time Someone Says They Have a 'Connection' With Another Islander

It's got to be one of the most overused phrases of the series. The only connection we've got right now is with the vodka in front us. You know what to do when you hear the word hun.

#9 Have ANOTHER Shot Every Time Someone Gets Pied (not literally)

We know there’s going to be some unrequited loves and recoupling from the off, so take a shot every time someone gets pied!

#10 Drink 1 Finger For Every New Person That Arrives

We already know about the 12 new islanders but we wonder if they’ll be any surprise arrivals!

So bottoms up and drink responsibly gals!

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