Damn we're lovin' Denim

Denim, well what can ya say about denim? Apart from that it's like the most amazing fabric that you'll probably ever buy. Yeah, we sound pretty over enthusiastic about a bit of material, but c'mon now how much can this one fabric change not only your mood, but your style.

From bashin' it throughout the day right on through to the night it can seriously leave you feelin' fierce. 

Here at EGO we love how we can incorporate our shoes with any denim situation. So, read on down below because we've got some denim lovin' to show you just how much #inspo it provides. 




If there's one for showin' us how to style it on up then look no further to Miss Kylie J. 




-Are you a lover of a bit of denim?

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Love The EGO Team x