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With Christmas just around the corner, we’re feeling super festive here at EGO HQ. Christmas to us is all about getting glam, glittery and a little bit tipsy. The glitter trend is everywhere right now and we can’t get enough of it; it’s fierce AF. So grab a pot, we’re getting down and dirty with sparkles; here’s how to rock it.

1. On Your Eyes.

Whether you’re feeling subtle or daring; glitter on the eye is one of the easiest ways to wear it. A glitter liner is a great way to show off your festive side without going all out. Simply lining above your normal eyeliner with a glitter gel liner is super easy and looks amaaaazing. We also love dabbing a little glitter on top of a smoky eye; perfect for a night out or Christmas party. Matching the glitter your eyeshadow is the best way to do this; ideally a dark glitter or bright metallic as these look incredible on and really make your eyes pop. Finally another way to rock it is festival style; under the eye. Take some glitter glue & chunky glitter and go to town. The more the better.


2. On Your Lips.

A little more daring than on the eye; the glitter lip trend is one we adore. Whilst this might mean sippin’ through a straw all night, we promise it’ll be worth it. Depending on how brave you’re feeling, glitter looks amazing dabbed on subtly, swiped across your bottom lip or all over; we love it.


3. On Your Nails.

Another one to do pretty easily is glitter on your nails. This one requires minimal effort; all you need is a glitter polish! For day time, a subtle ombre on either the top or bottom of your nails gives a festive nod, but keeps it wearable. As does a singular glitter nail on your ring finger; super cute. Finally for a night out a full on glitter mani looks amazing; especially when you’ve got a glass of prosecco in hand.


4. In Your Hair.

Glitter hair everywhere right now and are still super wearable in the festive season; they’re not just for festivals. Roots are the easiest way to way this trend, however we love it brushed subtly into front/sides of your hair too. Wanna take it one step further? Dip the end of a high ponytail into gel, then dip again into a pot of glitter. Guaranteed head turner.


Glitter isn’t reserved just for makeup, why not rock a glitter dress or shoes? We’ve got an amazing range of glittery shoes in our trainers category; suitable for every outfit, style and level of daringness. Subtle or less subtle; glitter is something you need in your life this festive season. Life’s a party, so why not dress like one?

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