How To Style An Iconic Halloween costume

We know you’re already starting to plan what you’ll be wearing for Halloween this year considering we have been since last year was canceled. If there’s a chance you’re looking to wear something iconic, we’ve got you covered. There’s plenty of generic “sexy” Halloween fashion costumes you could be thinking up right now, but sometimes you just want to wear something truly iconic and we’re here for it.

Don’t get us wrong: We love having the most original (and or obscure) costume at Halloween, but if you haven’t already worn some of these fail safe favourite costumes, why not try them this year. Go ahead and and rattle off your favourite lines from Clueless whilst wearing yellow check or put on those pearls and head to Tiffany for breakfast. When you’re wearing these iconic costumes, you just can’t go wrong.

Keep reading for our list of Halloween fashion looks.

Halloween Fashion with EGO

Carrie Bradshaw – Sex & The City 

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No one will ever forget this amazing tulle skirt Carrie Bradshaw wears in the opening credits, and they won’t forget your costume, either. Get the perfect Carrie Bradshaw heels here.

Mia Wallace – Pulp Fiction

Halloween Costume Ideas For Cool Girls | PORTER

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This one is a no-brainer considering you definitely have a white button-down and black trousers sitting somewhere in your closet.

Cher Horowitz – Clueless

Clueless:' Were Cher and Josh Actually Related?

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Girls everywhere, we’ll take any excuse to scream, “ugh! As if!” to the creeps trying to hit on you whist wearing devil horns

Blair Waldorf – Gossip Girl

Blair Waldorf iconic Halloween costume

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If you’re looking for a chic and fashionable Halloween costume this year, you can’t go wrong with Blair Waldorf. Just don’t forget your headband. Grab a pair of colour block tights and channel your inner upper east side.


The Dark Knight Rises Review: Anne Hathaway Is the Best Catwoman Ever | Vanity Fair

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If you’re in the mood to wear an undeniably fierce Halloween costume, a sexy  Catwoman costume will do just the trick. Get the sexy over the knee boots you need to complete the look here.

Elle Woods –Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde' Outfits: Why Pink Is the Mood-Boosting Hue to Wear Now | Vogue

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Legally Blonde, the 2001 hit starring Reese Witherspoon is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, plus with a Legally Blonde 3 officially in the works, now is the perfect time to channel bubbly blonde-turned-Harvard Lawyer for Halloween. Shop the perfect Elle Woods heels here.

Daphne Bridgerton – Bridgerton 

Bridgerton Recap, Season 1 Episode 2: 'Shock and Delight'

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The flouncy Bridgerton was a delightful distraction last winter, transporting millions of homebound viewers to old timey England, a world of pastel-hued mansions, powdered wigs, hot gossip, and even hotter dukes. Who knows, dressed as Daphne Bridgerton maybe you’ll meet your very own Duke of Hastings at that Halloween party. Even if Daphne is only a duchess she deserves fairy tail heels , get them here with 50% off .

Harley Quinn – Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn & The Joker

The Maddest Love Of All: The Joker And Harley Quinn

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The not-so-perfect, perfect couple. This costume is certainly an unforgettable one, plus as the night goes on and your face paint starts smudging it’s only going to add to the look. Bonus! These red peep toes ankle boots have the right amount of sex appeal for your Harley Quinn costume.

Emily Cooper – Emily in Paris

Netflix Unveils “Emily in Paris” Season 2 Release Date, Teaser | Teen Vogue

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Arguably not very scary (this depends on what you thought of the acting) but definitely an easy and cute costume for this year. Throw on anything with a print, a bright colour, a bold lipstick and a beret and you’re good to go. You’ve also got an excuse to carry your phone around in your hand all night ( we know you do this anyway but it’s nice to have an excuse right?). Don’t forget a beret to perfect your Emily look.

Power Rangers

See Kylie Jenner's Sexy Red Power Ranger Halloween Costume

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The ultimate squad costume a la Kylie Jenner. You can go glam or go full morph suit and helmet. It’s all about balance. Find the perfect heels no matter what colour power ranger you pick here.
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