Looking Fresh: What To Wear To Freshers Week

With September around the corner and uni steadily creeping up on you, we’re sure you’ve started to panic about what to wear to freshers. We’re giving you one less thing to worry about because in this article we’ve compiled your Freshers Week outfits right here. A new year means new people and new parties. From impressing your flatmates with chic casual daytime looks to slaying themed nights, we’ve got your back bestie. And the best part, these fits will see you through freshers to your final exams.

Looking good, feeling fresher

Let’s start with moving-in day, you want to make a good first impression but we have to be realistic. You’re going to be running to and from the car carrying boxes and suitcases, so we’re keeping it practical without compromising style, with a co-ord loungewear set. Nothing says comfortable and confident like rocking up in a matching set, it’s the perfect mix of ‘too cool to try hard’ and ‘I always look this good’. Keep it neutral and sophisticated in a cream loungewear set, or make an edgy statement in all-black. And don’t forget your shoes, opt for sliders for ultimate comfort. Why not try a green pair for a colour injection into your fierce freshers outfit?

That first night out

However it ends, you’re going to remember it. It’s your first night out of Freshers Week so let’s make a statement! Slip off the sliders and slip on the heels because we’re hitting the town, baby. We’ve got your going out outfits sorted for you so get ready to dress to impress. For your first night, there’s really only one thing for us to suggest, a mini dress of course! Look sexy and feel sassy AF as you strut to the bar with your new friends. Go bold in pink and live your Barbie fantasy or keep it classic in an LBD. Pair with a cute cross body bag for ultimate hands-free convenience and get ready to dance the night away.

Not so fresh

If you haven’t been very savvy, the next day you’re going to wake up and realise you have no food, but that’s student life for you. Freshers Week is all about making friends and doing things together, so it’s time for a flat trip to the shops. When you’re running errands but still want to feel confident in your fit, we’d suggest you throw on a pair of wide leg jeans and a graphic t-shirt – bonus points if it’s a real band and you actually know the songs. This fit is all about accessories so grab your sunglasses because they’ll keep you looking fierce and help you out if you’re feeling a bit hungover from last night. Add a statement shoulder bag and stack your fingers with rings, the fruit and veg aisle won’t know what hit it.

Giddy up girl, it’s themed night

Freshers Week is full of themed nights and we’re here for it! Themed nights are a lot of fun but having that many outfits can be tricky so, we suggest basing all of your themed fits around your fave pair of fierce jeans or cargos and letting your tops and accessories do the work.

Everybody’s wild about western at the moment so make sure you’ve got your cowboy hat and cowboy boots ready to mosey on down to the club. And there’s bound to be a white party, so pick up a white crop top and clutch and you’re good to go, just a word of warning, maybe stay away from bright-coloured drinks tonight. Finally, let your wild side out for animal night! You’ll be taking fierce to a whole new level as you slay in leopard and zebra print. Why not combine the two? They might fight in the wild but you’ll be the one killing it tonight.

Flat party

Whether it’s pres or a full-out rager you’ll be going to a flat party. What’s a better outfit for freshers than a killer co-ord set? You’ll be feeling confident and looking hot while you wow the room in your new fave two-piece. With a range of colours and styles on offer, it’s easy to find a set that’s just a bit of you.


Once you’ve recovered from Freshers Week you’ll probably be relieved to actually start your course and go to your lectures. And what says I’m put together and ready to learn more than a blazer? Make sure you’ve got a cute tote bag for your books, laptop and water bottle. Pair with a killer pair of boots for ultimate style and comfort as the weather starts to get cooler.


The first week of uni can be stressful enough without having to worry about what to wear. We hope this article helped you find your new freshers outfits and gave you one less thing to think about. Shop your freshers wardrobe now at EGO.

Lucy Smith
Lucy Smith

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