The Best Way to Clean Suede Boots

Suede boots. An essential piece of footwear, stylish and snug; the perfect fit for rainy days and fancy brunches with the girlies. But, let’s be real: suede boots require a little extra TLC to stay pristine. They’re like the delicate gems of your shoe collection, and they deserve some special attention – or demand it, shall we say. 

Fear not, for we’re here to give you the lowdown on how to clean suede boots, the best way to keep them looking clean, and how to deal with those annoying stains that life (and the British weather) throws our way. Keep reading our guide and find out the best way to clean suede boots.

Why do we need to clean suede boots?

First things first, let’s talk about suede. Think of it as the soft cousin of leather, well known for its soft, velvety texture and luxurious appearance. However, unlike leather, It is a delicate fabric that absorbs moisture, meaning that it is easily prone to scuffs, marks, and stains. So, suede requires special care and maintenance to stay clean and in good condition.

So, you’re wondering how to clean suede boots? Let’s dive right in, shall we?

The basics of cleaning suede boots

Prevention is key

Prevention is the name of the game. Before heading out, treat your suede boots with a protective spray designed for suede. This magic potion forms a shield against water and stains. This way, you’ll be one step ahead.

Brushing is the way forward

Got some dirt or dust on your suede boots? No worries at all, that’s considered an easy fix! Grab a soft-bristle suede brush, give those boots a gentle stroke in the direction of the nap, and watch the magic happen. The dirt will disappear, and your boots will thank you – as will your bank balance!

Go for a gentle clean 

For those days when a little more is needed, create a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water (it’s like the backbone of cleaning solutions). Dip a clean cloth in this mix, gently rub the stained area, and voilà! 

Remember to do a spot test first – no one wants a colour disaster!

Tackling oil stains

Oil stains are definitely the trickiest of them all. Blot the stain immediately with a clean cloth (no rubbing, we’re going for a gentle approach here). Then, sprinkle some cornstarch or talcum powder on the stain, let it work its magic overnight, and brush it off in the morning. Bish bash bosh!

Fighting water stains

Caught in a downpour? Not hard to be when you live in the UK! Water stains can be sneaky. 

Dab the wet area gently with a clean, dry cloth, and then stuff your boots with newspaper. Yup, you heard right! The newspaper helps soak up the moisture without ruining the suede. Once dry, give them a gentle brush to restore the nap.

Get on board with air-drying

When it comes to drying suede boots, patience is key. Allow them to air dry at room temperature, away from radiators or direct sunlight. Your boots are like delicate flowers; too much heat can make them brittle or change their colour. Once they’re dry, give them a gentle brush to fluff up the nap.

The power of prevention

Remember, prevention is your suede boot’s best friend. Store them in a cool, dry place, and if it’s a monsoon out there, consider giving them a day off. Regular brushing, a protective spray, and some extra love go a long way in keeping your suede boots looking as fresh as a daisy.

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Lucy Smith

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