Operation Christmas Child x Ego

Operation Christmas Child x Ego



After a difficult period and many obstacles overcome, it is important to recognise that there are still people struggling.

We experienced global chaos, unemployment, loss and showed us all just how quickly your whole world can be turned upside down.

We often reflect on this period, at the height of its distress and appreciate how the future may now look promising. For many these hurdles are a distant memory, almost something you would like to forget. But what we can not forget, is that there are still individuals living in this state of distress.

People are in  need. Children are in need. 

The upset, the turmoil, the loss. These are still very much part of their daily lives.

This is their past, current and potentially future circumstances.

It is for this reason, EGO wants to try to bring an element of happiness to children in need around the world. Children that are not fortunate enough to escape the crisis. 

EGO have partnered up with Good Samaritans Operation Christmas Child to ensure children this Christmas are able to escape the crisis, if only for a moment. And we need your help. 

Please head to www.ego.co.uk and shop the Operation Christmas Child Slippers, all proceeds from this purchase will be donated to the Operation Christmas Child charity.

Inside your box, will include all of the resources needed to then send this on to a child in need. We simply invite you to fill your Christmas shoe box with gifts to send on to a child.

More information on the charity and what can be done to help can be found here;



1. Find a Shoebox

Get our special red Operation Christmas Child X Ego shoebox, and attach the appropriate boy/girl label, marking if your gift is for a boy or a girl. Select an age category 2-4, 5-9 or 10-14 and attach the label to the top of your shoebox.

2. Fill with gifts

Fill your shoebox with a selection of fun toys, hygiene items and school supplies. If possible, include one or two extra special items you know a child will love such as a doll, cuddly toy or deflated football with pump. Make sure you check out your guide to see what you can and can’t include

3. Drop Off Your Shoebox

Insert your prepaid barcode inside the box as it covers your shipping costs. Place a rubber band around each closed shoebox and take it to a local Drop-off Location.

4. Sit back in your slippers

Enjoy your ‘Hope’ slippers knowing your donation has been made and your shoebox is on its way to a child in need.


“We couldn’t be more excited to be able to work alongside such a monumental charity and be able to use our resources as a means to help children in need through the shoebox appeal. It’s been an incredible campaign to have worked on from start to finish, from the initial conversations with the charity representatives to seeing our box come to life. It will be amazing to see the EGO customer be involved and I hope that this is the first of many years to come running this yearly campaign.” – Shae Thompson, PR Executive at EGO. 


Shop our ‘Hope’ slippers online now.


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